It’s a brand new interactive performance, where each and every guest contributes to the creation of a painting, which is then revealed during a pompous ceremony on the stage by a CEO, director, family members or chief guests.

Format: pre-function area, welcome zone, interactive zone+short ceremony on stage


Duration: 3 hours (from the moment when guests start painting until revealing)

Design of faces: is outsourced to the top artists from Italy and Russia, which guarantees 99% similarity with the original photo


Pop art portrait, girl, artwork
2 by 3 feet

Perfect choice for a single face portrait, small celebrations of all kinds: Name ceremony, Birthday party, Anniversary, Wedding, Surprise Gift ceremony

WOW portrait Goa_edited.jpg
3 by 4 feet

The most popular format, perfect for couple portraits (weddings), logo reveal, corporate shows, mall activations, social events of all kinds

4 by 6 feet

Customised format for grand corporate events. Suitable for big festivals, annual days, events with the large audience.