ARe you looking for A unique working experience?


We are looking for an enthusiastic professional, who wants to get an experience in running an event entertainment agency at a full scale: from sales to execution, managing employees and artists, making strategic decisions under the guidance of executive directors. 

We need a person, who will:

  • Build business relationships and close deals with the top event companies, businesses and talent agencies in Mumbai and all over India;

  • Conduct phone calls and meetings in such a magical way that every client becomes a loyal customer and a passionate fan of our company;

  • Responsibly maintain the CRM system, file reports and achieve the sales goals

  • Design, compile proposals, develop new sales techniques and continuously learn about the product and sales.

  • Work directly with the founders of the company and develop key sales strategies and techniques for higher results.

  • Manage a booking calendar, international and local artists booking time;

  • Assign and manage artists managers;

  • Overlook entire operations of the company;

  • Troubleshooting of issues and disputed questions within the company.


What kind of a pro it takes to fit this job?

  • You have 2-5 years experience in active sales and want to escalate your knowledge and skills in a creative area of event & entertainment industry;

  • You have experience of working with the client database, Microsoft Office and proposal making;

  • You set ambitious financials goals for yourself and achieve them

  • Previous experience in events and entertainment is a plus;

  • You are positive, fun, responsible and you know how to make people like you and your product;

  • You are well-spoken, self-organised and you believe that hard work always pays back well!

  • You are capable of building effective communication with international and local artists, clients, vendors and the entire team.

Have you recognized yourself? Join our gang!

You work will start with a one month paid internship of working hand to hand with the CEO of the company, from whom you will be learning each and every aspect of the job

Have you recognized yourself? Join our gang!

We offer:

  • - Young & ambitious international team;

  • - Education and support on CRM system usage, calls and meetings techniques;

  • - Working experience with the biggest companies in the event and entertainment industry in India and abroad;

  • - Offbeat and unique products for the clients to pitch

CTC: 30,000-45,000 Rs per month


Send an sms with your email ID to +919136446884 in order to get a test assignment.